Catalytix is our team of data scientists, analysts and business consultants, catalysing change through the power of analytics.

The potential

We believe every business has hidden potential waiting to be unlocked.

Somewhere in your business, there's a division that's not being utilised in the most effective way. Somewhere in your business, there's a hidden strength you haven't turned into a revenue stream.

Catalytix exists to help you find it.

The catalyst

Transformation starts with a powerful insight.

Catalytix will help you find the data-driven insights you need to plan better.

  • Find your best sites and divisions, so you can replicate their success.
  • Identify the levers that drive your costs, so you can bring them down.
  • Optimise the way you use your fleet, so that you can harness movement better than your competitors.

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Find out more and seize your unseen advantage.

Meet Catalytix

Our team has a combined telematics experience of over 80 years as well as backgrounds in management consulting and Data Science.


We look forward to discussing your digital transformation and business goals with you.

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