We offer a variety of fleet solutions from vehicle tracking to fuel cards and company car products, all linked by the smarter fleet platform.

Make the Masternaut eco-system work for you: Best-of-breed telematics devices collect accurate information from mobile resources. The platform processes thousands of data points per second in EU-based secure and reliable data centres. You as the user receive relevant and actionable insights into your hands: via web application, mobile app and through our API.

Masternaut Connect

Our fleet management application allows you to view and analyse fleet activity online. The intuitive interface is designed to turn your fleet data into actionable insight.

  • Track vehicles, mobile assets and drivers in real time
  • Use reports to optimise resource utilisation
  • Improve driver safety and risk
  • Receive automatic timesheets available 24/7 online and via our mobile application
Masternaut Connect on desktop computer and mobile

Vehicle tracking

Monitor your fleet in real-time with our leading vehicle tracking solutions.

  • Real-time GPS locations
  • Find nearest drivers to an emergency job
  • Historical journey reports

Driver behaviour

Increase safety on the road by promoting a culture of best practice behind the wheel.

  • Automated league tables
  • Instant in-cab feedback to deliver coaching at the right time
  • Let your drivers track their own performance with our app
masternaut smarterdriver mobile application on Android & iOS

SmarterDriver, the app for mileage expenses

No more paper reports or forgotten journeys.

Manage mileage expenses in the palm of your hand with SmarterDriver.

  • No trips forgotten: automatic logbook
  • Simple for the driver: swipe + tap to submit
  • Simple for the manager: approval via e-mail

Fuel & vehicle maintenance card

Get your fuel card directly from Masternaut. It is powered by Allstar and integrates seamlessly with Masternaut Connect.

  • Largest fuel network with over of 7,700 sites nationwide
  • Identify fraudulent activity & analyse spending behaviour
  • Up to 50% off maintenance labour rates & up to 15% off parts

Fleet insurance

Lower your fleet insurance costs by using our innovative MCall service to combine the benefits of telematics with risk and claims management.

  • “On the scene” accident reporting and claims handling
  • Claims centre arranges vehicle hire, collection and repair
  • A+ rated global insurance partner

Flexible API

Access mobile fleet data through your standard IT systems.

  • ERP systems
  • Invoicing
  • Customer service & CRM
  • Transport & logistics HR Information Systems (HRIS)

Want to run a smarter fleet?

Manage a connected fleet that is safer, cleaner and more productive with our market-leading vehicle tracking & fleet management solutions. Discover how to transform complex fleet data into fact-based business clarity, by downloading our free brochure today!