Unlock potential in your business using the Masternaut Connect management platform, complete with a full range of features to suit your business goals.

Masternaut Connect

Our intuitive management platform turns the data it receives into clear actionable insights for managers, so you can optimise your fleet.

Masternaut Connect displayed on Mobile and Desktop

Driving behaviour

Find a new way to boost performance, increase safety on the road and encourage best practice.

Cold chain tracking

Discover our hardware and analytics solutions simplifying your cold chain logistic operations and regulatory governance.

Factory-fit telematics

Get pre-fit telematics in your new vehicles from leading brands like Vauxhall, Opel and more.

Systems integration

Unlock benefits across your business by connecting our flexible Masternaut Connect platform to your IT, CRM and ERP systems.

Fuel card

Our fuel card allows you to save money on fuel, analyse spending and get alerts if a card is used far away from a vehicle's location.

Powered by Allstar, the largest fuel network with over 7,700 sites nationwide.

Fleet insurance

Lower insurance costs with the power of telematics. Read about our innovative MCall service.

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