We offer a range of professional driving behaviour tools that will all enable your business to improve risk management and promote a more responsible approach towards commercial driving.

Online driver scores

Use our detailed reports and automated league tables to analyse your drivers’ performance online. 

  • Each driver gets a score based on their behavior
  • Compare drivers to highlight best performers and evaluate training needs
  • Create programs that reward safest drivers

In-cab coaching

Our in-cab coaching device is designed to improve a drivers’ road safety by providing instant feedback on erratic and wasteful driving behaviour.

  • Instant audible and visual warnings
  • Detects harsh acceleration, cornering and braking, as well as excessive idling
  • In-built privacy button to disable data collection

White Paper: Can drivers be encouraged to drive safely without managerial control? View the results of a recent study on more than 9000 vehicles.

“We’ve been able to optimise our fleet management costs, make significant savings through reduced fuel consumption, and also reduce the number of accidents, thus ensuring better on the road safety for our employees.”

Jean-Luc Celotto, National Vehicle Management Manager, Dalkia

Driver engagement

Encourage friendly competition and promote greater awareness by letting your drivers measure their own performance with our mobile app.

Points are awarded for poor performance. The lower the score, the safer the driver.

  • Speeding
  • Harsh maneuvers
  • Excessive idling

“Our drivers are highly skilled and undergo extensive training for their role but they are now more aware than ever of their driving behaviour and how this can positively, or negatively impact patient experience.”

Steve Law, Head of Fleet and Estates, Arriva Transport Solutions

Training risky drivers

Business drivers are 30-40% more likely to be involved in an incident on the road than private drivers. Don’t wait until after the event.

What if you could reduce risky behaviour before an incident occurs? Here are 10 best practice examples that our customers have adopted to lower driving risk.

Want to run a smarter fleet?

As the UK's leading supplier of vehicle tracking & fleet management solutions, we help over 10,000 companies transform complex fleet data into fact-based business clarity. Start your journey to a smarter fleet by downloading our free brochure today.

Masternaut Connect

Masternaut Connect receives thousands of data points per second from over 100,000 vehicles and instantly turns that data into actionable insights for managers, drivers and the customer services team.

  • User first: Intuitive, smooth user experience
  • Built to scale: Powerful 4th-generation platform and API
  • Your data in safe hands: highest security standards compliant with EU regulations
Masternaut Connect - online vehicle tracking system on mobile and desktop