Masternaut’s innovative MCall service combines the benefits of telematics with risk and claims management to help commercial fleets lower fleet insurance costs.

Masternaut has also partnered with Telefleet, a fleet insurance provider, to help customers access exclusive insurance premiums which reflect their proactive risk management with telematics.

Accident response and claims management

Our MCall service helps drivers in the event of a collision by automatically connecting them to a 24/7 claims centre through our self-install telematics device.

A trained insurance professional will take the call, ensure the driver’s safety and - if necessary - start the claims process.

masternaut MCall service centre attendant providing accident response and support
masternaut reducing the cost of fleet related insurance claims

Reduce the cost of insurance claims

Claims costs increase with each day the incident goes unreported.

With MCall, incident reporting is instant. Less time equals lower costs, and subsequently lower insurance premiums.

  • “On the scene” accident reporting and claim handling
  • Claims centre arranges vehicle hire, collection and repair
  • Accident reconstruction

Telefleet insurance

Masternaut has partnered with Telefleet, a fleet insurance provider backed by AIG. Telefleet offers competitively-priced fleet insurance that reflects the positive impact of using telematics.

  • Underwritten by a global A+ rated insurer and experts in telematics
  • Attractive finance options and rebates rewarding safe fleet performance
  • Broad distribution - speak with your existing broker
masternaut partner Telefleet to reduce fleet insurance costs
masternaut self install telematics device being used with mcall service

Self-install GPS device

Our MCall service comes with our self-install telematics device.

Our device easily attaches to any windscreen and uses in-built speakers for 2-way communication with the claims centre.

  • Automatic crash detection
  • Simply attaches to the windscreen
  • Long lasting “re-chargeable” battery

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