As the largest supplier of fleet telematics solutions in the UK with over 20 years' experience, we offer the most robust and reliable vehicle tracking devices and fleet management software. Our platform helps over 10,000 companies track vehicles and optimise their mobile operations every day.

Real-time GPS locations

Use our online vehicle tracking system Masternaut Connect to locate all your vehicles on one map at any given point in time.

  • Track fleet activity online
  • Provide exact arrival times
  • Locate and follow stolen vehicles
  • Check and prove time of delivery or arrival
  • Find the nearest vehicle to an emergency job
Masternaut live vehicle tracking GPS locations on Connect
masternaut vehicle tracking historical journey report

Use historical reports to run a lean fleet

What’s your biggest goal this year? Our historical reports provide insights to help you achieve it. The insights team can help you dive deeper.

  • Optimise vehicle utilisation
  • Avoid detours and use street view to jog a driver’s memory
  • Increase workforce productivity, reduce overtime & automate timesheets

“Since installing Masternaut’s vehicle tracking solution for our fleet, we have streamlined operations in order to improve the level of customer service. [At the same time, we are] saving a significant amount on fuel as a result of the reduction in unnecessary time our drivers spend on the road.”

Peter Blackman, Corporate Manager, Lantern Recovery Specialists

Custom reports & alerts

With Masternaut Connect, you can easily set up instant alerts and in-depth reports on the activities that matter most to your business.

  • Notifications about harsh driving
  • Receive alerts via SMS and email
  • Transport: Know when a vehicle is getting close to the depot
  • Construction: Geofence locations for alerts on unscheduled site entry or exit
masternaut vehicle tracking reports and alerts

How our trackers work

All of our telematics devices are designed to record digital information about GPS locations, driving activity and fuel consumption.

In-built SIM cards are then used to transmit this data over a wireless network to our enterprise-grade servers in the UK.

Once received, the raw data gets transformed into insights that your business can access at any time on Masternaut Connect.

Want to run a smarter fleet?

As the UK's leading supplier of vehicle tracking & fleet management solutions, we help over 10,000 companies transform complex fleet data into fact-based business clarity. Start your journey to a smarter fleet by downloading our free brochure today.

Masternaut Connect

Masternaut Connect receives thousands of data points per second from over 100,000 vehicles and instantly turns that data into actionable insights for managers, drivers and the customer services team.

  • User first: Intuitive, smooth user experience
  • Built to scale: Powerful 4th-generation platform and API
  • Your data in safe hands: highest security standards compliant with EU regulations
Masternaut Connect - online vehicle tracking system on mobile and desktop