As the UK's leading supplier of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions, Masternaut offers a bespoke range of proprietary telematics devices. From self-install GPS vehicle trackers to instant in-cab feedback and patented CAN bus tracking, all of our telematics boxes report into one platform and one application - Masternaut Connect.

We control the entire data collection and processing chain. Our devices have been developed in-house by industry experts and rigorously tested to deliver the highest levels of data accuracy, quality and reliability.

CAN bus clip

Our non-intrusive CAN bus device reads data straight from the vehicle's computer. What you see on-screen will always reflect your drivers' behaviour.

  • Real MPG, fuel consumption and mileage
  • Speed, acceleration and braking
  • Over-revving and idling
masternaut can bus telematics device

In-cab coach

Encourage safer and smoother driving behaviour while reducing managerial control. This device is proven to add significant benefits compared to driver scores and regular feedback.

  • Reduce speeding by 53%
  • Reduce harsh events
  • Reduce fuel waste

Self-install telematics

Expand vehicle tracking beyond your permanent fleet by deploying this “out of the box” device in minutes. Our self-install device is ideal for short-term hires and grey fleets as there is no need for a professional installation.

  • No professional installation required
  • Simply attaches to the windscreen
  • Easy to remove and re-use in other vehicles
masternaut self-install telematics device
masternaut obd telematics device

OBD device

Masternaut offers OBD as a hardware option for basic track & trace and limited driver behaviour. However, we would always recommend our CAN bus device for the following reasons:

  • OEM support
  • Driver safety & obstruction
  • Risk of tampering & hacking

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