Masternaut offers OBD as a hardware option for basic track & trace and limited driver behaviour upon request. While this option often gets presented as a simple plug & play option, it is in fact not as easy to install and bears several risks. Therefore, this hardware option is only available upon request and assessment from our experts.

OBD or CAN bus clip?

Lots of customers ask us about OBD devices.

In limited cases, we do offer a device that plugs into the on-board diagnostics port. However, we would always recommend using our non-intrusive CAN bus clip solution for the following reasons:

  • OEM support
  • Driver safety & obstruction
  • Risk of tampering & hacking
Masternaut CAN bus clip vs OBD device
masternaut obd device

OBD device details

The M200 plugs into the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port and provides:

  • GPS-based location in real-time
  • Basic driver behaviour, including harsh braking & harsh acceleration
  • Visibility on Masternaut Connect alongside all other Masternaut telematics devices

OBD's "self-install" myth

OBD often gets hailed as a self-install "plug & play" device.

The truth is that the majority of vehicles require a professional installation. OBD self-install is not possible on all vehicles and there is no guarantee of ongoing compatibility from vehicle manufacturers, as OEMs recognise the risk of misusing a plug that was originally thought for the diagnostic of vehicles immobilised at a repair station.

We do offer a truly self-install telematics device. Click on the button below to learn more. 

Masternaut demystifying the OBD device myth

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