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Why Masternaut?

We believe having data about your field operations doesn't automatically lead to business impact.

We help you find that nugget of gold in your data that makes a difference. Somewhere in your business, there’s a department that’s not being utilised in the most effective way. Somewhere in your business, there’s a hidden strength you haven’t turned into a revenue stream.

Masternaut offers a unique combination of industry-leading fleet management systems, a thoughtfully-designed customer experience, and data-driven consulting services. From telematics devices to expert analysis, every one of our tools helps your business unlock potential. And if you ever need help, our in-house service team is there for you.

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Built to handle big data securely

Masternaut is ISO 27001 certified. This certification is awarded to companies meeting the highest EU security standards and regulations. The ISO certification reiterates our firm commitment to your data privacy and information security.

Confidentiality: Your information is protected.

Integrity: Client information we hold is correct and free from corruption.

Availability: Service continuity and disaster recovery guarantees access to information at all times.

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We have over 350 fleet telematics experts. So if you have any questions, get in touch.

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