At Masternaut, we gather tons of data about your fleet. This includes elements such as :

  • Journey history,
  • Fuel consumption,
  • Maintenance issues,
  • Battery level and remaining range, if you have electric vehicles

And much more !

We looked into this data to predict the impact the ULEZ expansion (Ultra Low Emission Zone) is predicted to have on your operating costs.

From 25th October, the ULEZ will cover an area 18 times bigger than today, extending to but excluding the North and South Circular roads.

We looked at vehicle movements for Light Commercial Vehicles in September, and the bad news is compliance levels with ULEZ emission standards are lower in the upcoming expanded zone compared to the current Central London area. Indeed, 92.6% of LCVs entering the expanding ULEZ area were compliant, as opposed to 93.3% in the current Central London area.

At Masternaut, we predict that up to 4 times more LCVs would attract the daily charge (over 64,000 vehicles per year) - this is due to the fact the area itself will be much bigger, and the fact the compliance levels are also lower.

Our customers at Masternaut will see their ULEZ charges reach nearly £700,000 per year, and we predict this will cost fleets operating LCVs in the UK over £54m every year.

The good news is that electric vehicles are exempt from the charge - and at Masternaut we have solutions and services to help you deliver your EV transition in an easy and smart way - discover MoveElectric.

By Jerôme De Biasi on Oct 18 2021

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