Discover how Vegetarian Express created a safer driving culture and superior customer experience through telematics.

The challenge

Vegetarian Express were on a mission to tighten up their operations, delight their customers and ensure that they were rewarding safe driving internally.

The introduction of a new Operations Director was the perfect opportunity for Vegetarian Express to bring in a new telematics system. He had specific goals he wanted to achieve, including:

  • Creating a culture of safe driving via data driven KPIs
  • Bridging the gap between the customer services, fleet and operations departments
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance costs

The solution

The recommendation was to switch over the entire fleet to Masternaut telematics, visualised on the Connect platform. The introduction of the in-cab coach would measure driver behaviour, and improve driving styles in real time. Using the reporting functionalities, drivers could be KPI’d based on their actual journeys. Customer service depts would also be able to access this system, and give live updates on phone calls.

The outcomes

Targets and bonuses

The operations team have implemented a data driven bonus scheme that enables drivers to earn based on their driving scores. During a four week trial period, nearly 100% of drivers were recording harsh driving events. Now, over 80% of drivers are successfully driving above the standard set by Vegetarian Express, largely due to the in-cab coach providing real-time feedback. Drivers have MPG targets based on their vehicle types. Utilising in-built reports, it easy to ascertain which drivers are achieving those targets, and the underlying causes for those who aren’t.

Total cost of ownership and vehicle maintenance

Originally, the fleet was made up of 7.5 tonne HGVs all under lease purchase. After the installation of Masternaut telematics and some light journey analysis it was clear that these vehicles weren’t being fully utilised. Vegetarian Express has been able to swap many vehicles to 3.5 tonnes, saving £1000 per month, and 7 minutes per delivery. The improvement in driving styles also means that upon handing the vehicles back to the lease company, Vegetarian Express will avoid hefty fines. Drivers now have one vehicle, and it’s their responsibility to look after that vehicle.

Customer service improvements

Previously, if customer service needed to arrange a pickup, they had to phone a driver to ascertain their position. Now, they can log in to the system, see who is closest to the location and assign the best positioned vehicle to go and handle the job. Drivers lives have improved. By integrating Masternaut with other systems, the warehouse team now assigns a days jobs to the driver and removes that stress from them. They can update or amend them in real time.

What’s next?

In the future Vegetarian Express plan to use the system to set up training programmes.

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