The future of cold chain transportation

Discover the power of both: real-time telematics with cold chain temperature monitoring in one.


With actionable insights and expert guidance, you will discover:

  • The factors that are reshaping the future of cold chain transportation.
  • How to use data to discover your fleet’s hidden power.
  • The latest technology trends that really matter to Fleet Managers and
  • Operations Directors.
  • How to remain compliant with industry regulations, now and in the future.

Your new route

Technology isn’t the only factor that has transformed the food and drink transportation industry over the last few years.

Changing consumer mindsets, mounting ethical and environmental responsibilities and new ways to shop are revolutionising the future of cold chain transportation.

Those who are armed with both the knowledge of today’s market and who are prepared for changes to come will discover their powerful advantage.


Tactics today

The number of fleet management systems in active use is forecasted to grow to 14.1 million units by 2021.

Used correctly, data collected from telematics devices can help businesses remain compliant during temperature-controlled transportation, as well as optimise fleet management and streamline administrative tasks.

These data-driven insights, combined with strategic thinking, can unlock a fleet’s future business potential.


Steer into the future

Connectivity has influenced most of our lives, from the way we use social media to communicate to the way Uber is revolutionising urban transport.

The food and drink transportation industry is seeing a similar revolution, from the way telematics data is used to connect drivers to their back office, to the way emerging autonomous fleets are connecting with one another.

These new technologies, when used together with telematics data, are a powerful combination that can help leaders connect their fleet and discover their hidden power. The future is around the corner - it’s time to steer towards it.


Your 2018/19 regulation toolkit:

Meeting standards and proving credibility

Navigating the world of compliance in the transportation of food and drinks can be a difficult task, especially against a backdrop of Brexit uncertainty. Despite regulatory ambiguity, there is a costly price for not meeting industry standards, from public safety risks to the financial loss of goods.

Ensuring your business is compliant and proving your credibility have become more important than ever for the safety, competitiveness and future of your business.

In this section, we bring you key regulatory changes and initiatives that will impact the industry over the next 12 months to help you deliver excellence through compliance.


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