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Leading telematics supplier Masternaut is enhancing its support for fleet operators by adding real-time job tracking, based on live vehicle data. Masternaut On Time is a tool designed for both the driver and the company that will enhance the end-customer experience.

Masternaut On Time supports operations professionals by giving them more visibility of their team in the field. In real time, they can see planned job schedules against actual activity, automate job dispatching, and, soon, deliver text messages to end-customers with estimated time of arrival (ETA). If an unexpected event throws an engineer off-schedule for the day, managers are notified via automated live alerts, which allows them to be proactive and agile in redirecting resource to where it’s most needed.

Field workers benefit from easy-to-use job management within the Masternaut SmarterDriver app, allowing them to see dispatched jobs and job details, while logging important notes about their field activities.

Masternaut’s latest product represents another step forward in enabling digital transformation at its clients. By digitising dispatch and field monitoring processes that are often manual and paper-based, Masternaut On Time provides a single source of truth so that fleet operations and customer services are more responsive and better coordinated.

Dhruv Parekh, CEO at Masternaut, said: "In their personal lives, our customers rely on delivery tracking and notifications to manage their schedules, whether that’s being home for a parcel or knowing when their takeaway has been dispatched. Over recent months we have received an increased demand for a similar tool to help them manage their business operations more effectively.

“'Having spent a lot of time with our customers, getting a 360-degree view of their world, we recognised the need to support a seamless, effortless customer experience. This combination of telematics and task management allows companies to manage their drivers more effectively, with job lists updated in real time, as well as to plan their future operations based on previous performance.”

Find out more about Masternaut On Time here.

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