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London, 26/02/2020 - Leading connected vehicle technology and services supplier Masternaut, a Michelin Group Company, has signed a long-term contract with Fraikin, the largest commercial vehicle fleet services company in Europe. Through the partnership with Fraikin, Masternaut will provide connected fleet management tools and services to one of the big four supermarket’s 3,000 online order delivery vehicles in the UK.

The partnership’s goal is to help the supermarket chain improve safety and reduce its environmental impact. Masternaut will provide its best-in-class connected fleet system, including in-cab coaching, to the vehicles used by 300 stores across the UK. Alongside Fraikin, which manages all aspects of the fleet, Masternaut will be working alongside Surecam, which provides cameras to monitor activity outside of the vehicle.

The tools and service provided by Masternaut’s innovative technology will help the supermarket better understand how its vehicles are being driven and are performing, a vital part of its strategic initiative to reduce costs and environmental impact. The supermarket chain is committed to building a culture of safe driving within its fleet, focusing on driver training and real-time feedback, in turn supporting CO2 reduction and improved MPG.

The decision to appoint Masternaut came after a six-week trial, which demonstrated positive results on the supermarket’s key objectives. Masternaut stood out amongst several of Europe’s leading telematics suppliers for its robust data security and enterprise-class analytics, delivering unmatched results during penetration testing.

The project is led by Masternaut's teams, who will be supporting Fraikin by identifying key areas of early savings and with co-ordinating the rollout, training and internal communications.

Fred Nahon, VP Sales at Masternaut, said: "Today’s consumers are looking to retailers to deliver their online purchases more quickly, and more conveniently, than ever before. As buying behaviours change, so must the delivery services used.

He continues, “We are helping one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets build a future-proofed and connected fleet. This allows the fleet manager to understand all aspects of their operations, from one screen, at any time. As well as real-time performance management, this data will be used to monitor how vehicles are being utilised and plan proactive maintenance, reducing downtime and getting the greatest efficiency out of the fleet.

“We are very excited to work in partnership with the retailer to realise the benefits demonstrated during the trial last year, across all of their participating stores.”

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