Make your drivers more aware of their actions on the road with our instant in-cab coaching device. By promoting a culture of best practice behind the wheel, your business will save fuel, reduce vehicle wear & tear and increase driver safety.

In-cab coach device

Our in-cab coach is a small, dashboard-mounted device that provides drivers with instant feedback when it detects wasteful and dangerous driving behaviour.

Alerts are triggered by excessive idling, harsh acceleration, braking and also speeding.

  • In-cab training at the right time
  • Visual feedback: Green | Amber | Red
  • Audio alerts

“As members of the HR community, we have an important role to play in making sure that our employees are kept safe from harm. By providing in-cab feedback, we can ensure we are meeting our duty of care as an employer and reduce speeding by 53%.”

Helen Potter, VP HR, Masternaut

Training risky drivers

Business drivers are 30-40% more likely to be involved in an incident on the road than private drivers. Don’t wait until after the event.

What if you could reduce risky behaviour before an incident occurs? Here are 10 best practice examples that our customers have adopted to lower driving risk.

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