We deliver and design telematics solutions that can transform your business, and it all starts with your fleet. With Masternaut, you have all the advantages you would expect from a high-quality fleet management and telematics service, including safety and sustainability.


Reduce accidents
Receive speeding reports and improve drivers’ road safety.

Train risky drivers
Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Ensure you meet your duty of care
Prevent fatigue and ensure adequate breaks.

Reimagine training
Use an in-cab coaching device that provides instant feedback.

Masternaut Benefits of Telematics - Road Safety Icon

Service excellence

Increase customer satisfaction
Provide exact arrival times and re-route in case of delays.

Delight one more customer a week
Reduce time at the depot and increase customer visits per driver.

Meet SLAs and prove it
Evidence attendance and speed of completion before deadline.

Integrate information flows
Connect our platform with systems across your business.


Reduce your carbon footprint
Lower fuel wastage and miles driven, reduce your emissions.

Focus on CSR
Invest in your corporate social responsibility whilst reducing fleet costs.

Work towards FORS accreditation
Prove a reduction in emissions through accurate MPG readings.

The advantages beyond your fleet

Discover how to maximise your ROI, integrate our platform with your tech infrastructure and unlock more advantages for IT, HR and Finance. Reveal the benefits of our solutions for your business.

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