The Benefits Of Telematics

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We deliver and design fleet telematics solutions that can transform your business by providing actionable insights about the performance of your fleet of vehicles. With Masternaut, you have all the advantages you would expect from a high-quality fleet monitoring service, including safety and sustainability.

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How telematics works

Key data points are collected from onboard tracking systems, which are then combined with GPS tracking data and transmitted to a data centre in real-time.

At Masternaut, this is all received and processed at one of our enterprise-class UK data centres that drives 'Masternaut Connect' and 'Masternaut Go', our 4th-generation fleet tracking SaaS applications.

Masternaut Connect and Masternaut Go provide a clear view of fleet activity together with the power to transform this into valuable insights about operations, performance and utilisation.

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Use our telematics systems to improve fleet safety

Reduce accidents
Receive speeding reports and use this information to improve driver performance and road safety for your fleet of vehicles.

Train risky drivers
Use fleet management reporting to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Our solutions score driving behaviour on safety so you can tailor your coaching plans to your drivers, develop and train people more effectively and reward good driving.

Ensure you meet your duty of care
Prevent driver fatigue and ensure adequate breaks.

Reimagine training
Use an in-cab coaching device that provides instant feedback on driver behaviour. Our in-cab coaching device detects speed and gives instant visual and auditory feedback to help train drivers.

Reduce fleet costs with telematics

Use vehicle & asset data to reduce operating costs

Reduce fuel costs
Masternaut gives you full visibility of your fleet so you can manage effectively and save fuel. Prevent detours, idling and other fuel-wasting driving behaviours, to improve overall fuel consumption.

Reduce admin costs
Streamline admin and create accurate timesheets. Our platform quickly generates reports for you.

Reduce vehicle & asset costs
Identify underutilized assets, decrease wear and tear and lessen short-term hires.

Reduce incident & insurance costs
Lower claims costs and frequency; negotiate better insurance premiums.

Enhance customer service

Use vehicle tracking to boost service excellence

Increase customer satisfaction
Pinpoint live vehicle locations from your office or smartphone. Provide exact arrival times and re-route in case of delays.

Delight one more customer a week
Set up alerts to show when vehicles are returning to the depot. Reduce time at the depot and increase customer visits per driver.

Meet SLAs and prove it
Evidence attendance and speed of completion before deadline.

Integrate information flows
Connect our platform with systems across your business. Create a smoother process in your business to provide a seamless journey for your customers.

Monitor fleet CO2 emissions and sustainability

Use our software to monitor sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint
Lower fuel wastage and miles driven, reduce your emissions.

Focus on CSR
Invest in your corporate social responsibility whilst reducing fleet costs.

Work towards FORS accreditation
Prove a reduction in emissions through accurate MPG readings.


“Our customers saved 230,000 tonnes of CO2 last year. That’s the equivalent of replacing Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow with a forest, or planting a fully-grown forest the size of Hyde Park every single day of the year.”

Albert Chu, VP Strategy and Marketing, Masternaut

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