Begin uncovering insights. Our telematics devices are robust and rigorously tested so you can receive reliable information from your vehicles.

CAN bus clip

Our non-intrusive CAN bus vehicle tracking device readsdata straight from the vehicle’s computer so you can get the data you need to lead.

  • Measure MPG, fuel consumption and mileage
  • Track speed, acceleration and braking
  • Identify over-revving and idling

A user-friendly device for drivers

Pulse comes with a consumer-friendly box and user manual, which help adoption by drivers. They will also appreciate:

  • privacy - drivers can simply unplug Pulse to hide private journeys
  • transparency - drivers see all recorded trips on their SmarterDriver mobile application
  • service - drivers can generate and submit mileage reports instantly

OBD device

Depending on your requirements, we offer OBD as a hardware alternative for basic vehicle tracking. While we generally recommend CAN bus devices, we can discuss your options and find a tailored solution for your business.

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