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Masternaut's UK Catalytix Director features in GreenFleet

Mike Hemming, UK Catalytix Director, was recently featured in GreenFleet Magazine's expert panel on telematics. Here are some snippets from the article - please find the full article via the link below.

"Fleet management has become a profession that is more strategic, advanced and demanding than it has ever been before. Tight budgets, duty of care responsibilities, lowering emissions, and keeping up with evolving technology – and the data it creates – all form part of a fleet managers daily responsibilities.

Mike Hemming from Masternaut agrees that the availability of data has added pressure to the role. He says: “Increased information has created additional pressures on the fleet manager, as the role has become less focused on the purchase of the fleet, but on the fleet as a whole entity and its integration within the business.”

How to ensure you get results with telematics, fast?

Giving advice to fleets that are considering telematics, Mike Hemming from Masternaut says: “Companies considering telematics should bear in mind two key aspects. The first is that the business case for telematics is proven. It is not just a tool for a fleet manager or depot to use to see where their vehicles are, but a tool for a business to measure itself, manage inefficiency and improve service delivery.”

The second piece of advice that Mike gives is for businesses to concentrate on one or two benefits in the initial period: He says: “In many cases this will be focusing on driver behaviour and idling, as this for the majority of customers will provide a cost neutral ROI for the business. Cement these within the business first, then introduce new measures from the system, such as utilisation, as these are harder savings to realise and will need a little more time.”

The future

Mike Hemming sees the future of telematics in systems integration: “As telematics becomes more widely used in the fleet industry the emphasis will focus increasingly on the integration of data. Connecting telematics with complementary data sets will ensure that the customers get more out of all of their fleet‑related systems. This could be as simple as sending CAN bus derived odometer readings to a customer’s fleet provider, or a more complex solution of transferring high volumes of data to and from a job management system.”"

Masternaut's Catalytix team helps customers get results faster in the initial period of using telematics to run a smarter fleet. We also regularly integrate Masternaut with our customers' systems, like ERP systems, payroll, CRM or HR software.

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