Our VP of strategy, Albert Chu has featured in an article titled: Telematics - the fleet revolution.

The post addresses the changing attitudes of businesses and drivers towards vehicle tracking and highlights the many benefits of a "big data" approach towards fleet management.

A number of industry experts were approached to provide their thoughts on telematics, including Masternaut's Vice President of Strategy, Albert Chu.

"It is a common misperception that the aim is to monitor the drivers," says Masternaut's Chu. "Monitoring individual drivers would hugely increase the managerial workload of a company. Instead, we at Masternaut focus on engaging drivers - for example, with our In-Cab Coach that gives immediate feedback, or via our mobile app."

On a company level, Chu explains the aim is to use insights from vehicle location and driver behaviour scores to run a better business, both in terms of profits and in terms of employee safety. "You cannot run a good business blind - telematics gives decision-makers, from fleet managers to operations directors, data and insights on where they should focus their efforts," says Chu.

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