Air Products

Air Products are the world’s leading industrial gas supplier to a vast range of customers and industries including steel, energy, technology, healthcare and food markets. They are committed to their customers and aim to constantly seek to make improvements. That’s why they installed our vehicle tracking system. This will enable them to optimise route planning, reduce carbon emissions and provide a highly secure, fully automated seamless lone worker safety system. Each driver has been assigned a Driver ID Key that links them to a particular vehicle enabling Air Products to see exactly who is driving the vehicle in real time. If the delivery takes longer than anticipated, the driver is contacted to explain the delay. If there is no response from the driver, the system then raises an alert.

“Air Products’ key objectives for the Masternaut implementation are: utilisation of the service in order to identify areas for improving our vehicle routing.

One of the main benefits this solution offers us is the ability to manage the sequence of orders and let customers know when they can expect their deliveries.”

Peter Birdsall, UK Transport Manager, Packaged Gases, Air Products.

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