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Philippe Benquet, CEO of Acorus, a company specialising in building renovations, explains how Masternaut’s connected vehicle solutions have enabled him to improve driver safety and reduce the cost of his vehicle fleet.

Acorus equipped its fleet with Masternaut’s connected fleet solution to achieve two key objectives - reducing the fuel consumption of its vehicles and lowering their claims rate.

To meet Acorus’ needs, Masternaut supported the company in the organisation of an eco-driving challenge. Their vehicle fleet was fitted with on-board coaches, allowing drivers to visualise and improve upon the way they drive, with a goal to adopt a smoother and “greener” driving style. This was combined with reports from the Connect fleet monitoring platform, making it possible to monitor drivers’ behaviour and overall ranking in real time.

Here, Philippe Benquet, CEO of Acorus, and Stéphanie Carvalho, Site Manager, explain the principles of the challenge:

If you too would like to discover how you can improve the safety of your drivers with Masternaut’s connected vehicle solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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