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Team BRIT, sponsored by Masternaut, makes history by competing in the Aston Martin Festival at Le Mans.

Team BRIT, the most inspirational team in motorsport, is made up of disabled drivers, many of whom are ex or serving military troops who have sustained serious injuries. They race against able-bodied drivers on a totally level playing field; something few other sports can offer.

Le Mans, 16 June 2018

Masternaut is delighted to be an official sponsor of Team BRIT and to help the team make history by being the first all-disabled team to race on the iconic La Sarthe circuit at Le mans, in the Aston Martin Festival race on Saturday, June 16, which took place before the world-famous “24 hours of Le Mans”.

Participating in an event of this magnitude was a first for the drivers, Warren McKinlay and Jamie Falvey; both disabled veterans.

Masternaut equipped the Team BRIT Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4 with one of its patented devices and provided the team with access to Masternaut Connect, the enterprise-grade SaaS platform, enabling the team to review logged vehicle location, speed and acceleration/braking data.

The system recorded that the Team BRIT car reached a top speed of 283.2 kph during the race. The hardest braking and acceleration events were found in the Tertre Rouge corner of the circuit, with 9.8 m/s2 (metres per second per second) and 7.3 m/s2 respectively.

Finally, 15.2 m/s2 and 1.5g were recorded as the most extreme forces observed during a turn.

With the data provided by Masternaut, Team BRIT can factor in another layer of information as to how the car performs, providing insight to help them improve their performance

On race day, Team BRIT finished in a respectable 9th in class in a field of 24 GT4 cars, beating high profile drivers such as former F1 Champion Martin Brundle.

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